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See below for a list of FreePBX integrations and software that integrates with FreePBX. Compare features, ratings, user reviews and prices of the best FreePBX integrations and software that integrates with FreePBX. Here are the current FreePBX integrations for 2023:

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    Syncro is an integrated business platform for running profitable MSPs. Enjoy PSA, RMM, and remote access in one affordable package. Integrate with the 50+ MSPs and business tools you love and use to further increase your efficiency. Integration with Syncro is fast and free. Our bulk agent installer can get you up and running on all your customer endpoints in a matter of hours. (From another RMM? Our library of migration and import tools allows for seamless migration.) Increase your efficiency even further with integrations with 50+ MSPs and the business tools you love and use. all resources. Unlimited endpoints, no contracts, no minimums.

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    Starting price:$139 per user per month

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    Learn how the developer-friendly Telnyx API can transform your business communications. Telnyx is a complete communications platform designed to adapt to your needs. We built our network with real-time communications in mind so we can deliver high-quality calls, messages, and data anywhere in the world. Easily create trusted messages with our SMS API. Set up two-factor authentication using text messages or voice codes to keep your data safe. Plug and play your VoIP setup in minutes and get carrier-grade voice over elastic SIP trunks. Our cloud-agnostic approach means you can rest easy knowing you'll be protected in the event of a network failure. With Telnyx, implement communications exactly to specification.

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    dynamic phone

    dynamic phone

    Dynamics Telephony unifies your phone system with Dynamics 365, offering: - Call controls integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365, unifying the desktops of your sales and service teams, improvements in click-through rate, display and search efficiency - Show relevant information as you engage with your team on every call - Accelerate outbound campaigns with a fully integrated progressive dialer - Capture call statistics, callbacks, next steps, call handling, automated follow-up and more - Automatically create links to recordings of calls in Dynamics 365 for easy access or connection to Microsoft Call Intelligence

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    Starting price:$15.00/month/user

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    TR balance

    Áurico X

    OrecX's audio capture platform is built on the principles of openness, transparency and collaboration, creating strategic, economic and technical benefits for users, with millions of endpoints around the world. Our flagship software, Oreka TR (Total Recorder), includes all the call recording features you need for about half the cost of competing call recording solutions, including screen recording, mobile phone recording, monitoring real-time, on-demand recording, multi-tenancy, multi-location recording, audit trails, call export, wait management, auto-tagging (for speech analysis and sentence search), and more. Using any third-party voice analysis or phrase search tool, Call Recorder's system-wide auto-tagging feature allows you to select certain phrases (such as "Can I place an order" or "Not satisfied") for the system to record automatically? clue.

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    Line managers often lack the call-to-action awareness necessary to make informed decisions. This data is not retrievable, is too complicated to collect, or is only historical. You can face all these problems. With PBXDom you can finally start reporting phone calls and phone system usage and get the information you need in seconds. It's easy to install and the dashboard can be customized with the information you want most. Discover opportunities to reduce or maximize resources, see who your best employees are, and more. Receive notifications when someone from your organization calls 911 so you can mobilize resources. Know your estimated bill before it arrives and take action before it's too late.

    Starting price:$39 per month

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    DID Logic

    DID Logic

    DID Logic is an international VoIP provider offering local, geographic, toll-free and mobile virtual numbers in 139 countries. Supported by 12 PoPs around the world, we can help you provide your users with a local calling experience through enterprise-grade SIP trunking or PSTN forwarding. Local SIP Trunking Direct and low latency access to regional voice operators. Deploy Now – Instantly connect to your IP PBX. Beat latency by connecting to local VoIP gateways in 12 countries. Each PoP is directly connected to multiple voice carriers. We operate our own network and hardware based switches. We operate our own autonomous system and purchase IP transport directly from Tier 1 operators. DID Logic owns the hardware of each PoP. The SIP termination is hosted by the local operator. RTP streams over lower latency home IP links without traversing aggregation sites. DID Logic is a member of several IXs around the world and has access to hundreds of networks through meeting rooms and cross-connects.

    Starting price:$25 per user per month

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    flight number

    flight number

    Local phone numbers from around the world. Customers have several options on how to use "FlyNumbers". They can set up calls as VoIP or forward calls to regular phone numbers. There's an optional cloud phone system that includes call menus, time-based routing, and more.

    Starting price:$2.95

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    internet thunder

    internet thunder

    NetThunder can be deployed in two ways: as a device or as a system of connected devices, which we call The Storm™. This allows NetThunder to provide IT solutions for every situation and be ready for the future. A single device can easily be converted to The Storm™. The NetThunder platform allows you to scale at will. Unlike most overlay infrastructures, NetThunder offers purpose-built modules that the controller will automatically configure for your environment, optimizing them for maximum performance. Setting up multiple networks and SANs is as easy as connecting red to red. Our subscription pricing model means there are no large upfront acquisition costs. NetThunder is implemented as a device or a system of connected devices, which we call The Storm™. This allows NetThunder to provide compute and storage solutions for a variety of use cases.

    Starting price:$50 per month

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    Tigre CRM

    Tigre CRM

    The CRMTiger team has created several extensions and is always ready to help you with new customization needs. With more than 10 years of experience, the CRMTiger team can provide high-quality vTiger CRM support and custom development solutions. Our experienced team is capable of executing projects of all sizes. We are passionate about offering you the best vTiger® CRM development solution to boost your business efficiently and at the lowest cost. Our business analysts and experts work together to provide the best advice based on your business needs and suggest the right customization and implementation. We provide vTiger technical and functional training to individuals or businesses to help them understand, implement and customize CRM. We offer hosted CRM to help you get started quickly. This will help you get started with CRM in no time. This is the best option as any future customization needs you may have can be easily met in our low-cost hosted CRM.

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    COEO solution

    A PBX, or private branch exchange, is a private telephone network used by companies and organizations to maintain internal and external telephone communications. It includes features like forwarding, voicemail, interactive voice menus, and more. With a cloud PBX service, you'll still get all the features you need and want, but more. More mobility, better security and scalability for you now and in the future. We understand your business needs and create solutions to meet them. We pride ourselves on being the most transparent and service-oriented connectivity provider in the industry. The new technology facilitates voice communications over the Internet while reducing costs and offering greater reliability and scalability. We will help you continue to use the latest technology or legacy or outdated systems. Coeo combines business connectivity with customer service, ensuring continuous, high-quality connectivity with industry-leading levels of security.

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