How new presenters can succeed and stay safe, says a veteran (2023)

How difficult is it for an aspiring streamer to succeed in today's world? accordingWashington PostOf Twitch's 9 million members, only 7,500 earn more than the US minimum wage. Many of those who do make a modest income of between $20,000 and $30,000 a year. Many streamers work full time, streaming 40 hours or more a week and subsisting on pizza delivery. Of course, that's not to say there aren't millionaire presenters. But in a field as competitive as this one, one thing is for sure: if you're looking to spread fame and fortune, you're doing it wrong.

A serious game streamer must have passion from the heart. It is a labor of love, lovingly cared for and shared with the world and the communities that comprise it. I recently spoke withAmanda, Universe Zelda HostmiMs. Click, Nintendo Brand AmbassadorTips for new streamers.

Streaming: A Labor of Love

Miss Click may be a rising star in the gaming world, but she hasn't forgotten her humble beginnings. "Personally, it's hard for me to consider myself a professional streamer," she said. "I started this business to share what I love with others, and it's definitely been a wild ride ever since." The Nintendo enthusiast is now an official brand ambassador for Nintendo, known for streaming games and live on Direct Response. "You meet an incredible number of people from all over the world," he said. "Games and social media affect us all in very different ways, and creating a community where we can all have different perspectives or memories of the games and be able to share everything with each other is what I love the most."

Amanda from the Zelda Universe says that she has played video games most of her life. "I was always that kid who wanted someone to see me play and be able to talk to people about the game I was playing. As a kid, I was always told, 'Amanda, nobody wants to sit down and watch you play video games.

Thanks to her tenacity, Amanda is now making her dream of live streaming The Legend of Zelda games all over the world come true. Broadcasts of her have helped promote prominent non-profit organizations. The last Zelda Eternal event that she co-hosted raised over $10,000 in donations for Doctors Without Borders. "It's not realistic now that people are volunteering their time to watch me play," Amanda said. "I really enjoy sharing my love of video games with others."

Create a safe streaming environment

While many steps have been taken since the inception of the Internet to improve the security of online activities, the Web is still in a Wild West state. Streaming channels are no stranger to ugly trolls and raging wars. Left unchecked, a streaming session can easily harm unsuspecting viewers and streamers. It can even become an unsafe situation.

Prevention is often the best medicine. Creating a safe and welcoming environment with a few ground rules can prevent a lot of problems online. "With live chat, I always want to say hi to everyone, ask how they're doing, and have a general conversation with everyone," Amanda said. "It's very important to me that everyone feels welcome when they watch my broadcasts. [...] One of my most important rules is that there are no political discussions."

Safety is not just a community asset, it is a core culture. Professionals believe that streamers should monitor their sessions to ensure that security continues to prevail. “As a broadcaster, you can control the vibe that the community portrays,” Click said. "Using tools like bots and choosing someone you trust as an admin really helps the chat experience blossom for every participant."

Today, bots and mods are especially useful for controlling unruly chatter. But what should streamers do if mods are in short supply?

“I often select community members who have been active, friendly and responsible in my chats over a period of time, and set an application period where as many people as possible can sign up,” said Miss Click. "Your moderation criteria are essentially a reflection of you, so it's important to understand what you're willing to accept or reject so that new audiences understand your limitations."

Create quality of life for broadcasters

The life of an anchor will definitely pay off. But like any content creation career, it can also be grueling, and at times exhausting. Spending a lot of time in front of a screen can lead to feelings of isolation and exhaustion, struggles streamers are all too familiar with. "This affects your mental health because you put yourself out there, you become vulnerable to criticism and [you feel] very vulnerable," Amanda said. "That's why it's important to know that your value has nothing to do with the size of your audience."

Fortunately, these issues can be addressed to ensure a better mental outlook and quality of life. A support system at home can be especially helpful. For Amanda, it was her husband who gave her the impetus. Seasoned streamers like her also recommend finding time to do other fun things besides gaming, like cooking or going for a walk. "It really helps prevent burnout," he says, "because look at it this way: Tacos are great, but if you eat nothing but tacos every day, you're going to get sick of them. Sometimes you need to Incorporate a little fried chicken." ."

What should I do if I leak information online?

With recent attacks on platforms, such as the infamous Twitch leak in October, we can't help but wonder where the future of streaming security holds. "It was absolutely concerning to learn that my information was spreading on the Internet," Amanda said. "They probably stopped the leak left and right, and that's what happened. At least that's my hope."

Like many streamers, Amanda feels that the way Twitch and other companies handle stored information leaves a lot to be desired. "I keep hearing about banning accounts for trivial things like violating the dress code," she said. "Maybe if Twitch cared more about keeping private information safe than what streamers wear, these leaks wouldn't be a problem."

Miss Creek expressed similar concerns on the issue. "Obviously leaking information is a horrible idea and I wish I had enough technical knowledge to say what a site as big as Twitch can do."

Fortunately, the anchors are not powerless. Miss Click emphasizes that comprehensive protections such as two-factor authentication and app authenticators are key to preventing attacks and privacy breaches. "All I know is that you should always do your best not to reveal too much about yourself unless you absolutely have to. You should also be aware of the information displayed during a live stream and make sure you don't click on anything that is Not written by you Links or articles officially published by companies or brands If you didn't open suspicious links or attachments in emails, you shouldn't open them in your feed either.

Inspiring the next generation of streamers

With all this in mind, what can new streamers expect when they start their own creations? Miss Creek sums it up in two words.

"First, have fun! Never feel pressured to meet a certain standard," he says. "I always say it's the best hobby, but if you think of it as a job first, it loses its magic. Dedication, however, is crucial to a successful streaming career, and it doesn't always go hand-in-hand with fun." Because great things take time and many great people put years into it," he said. "Build the empire you want to represent and those who love the empire you represent will join you."

"Secondly, never let someone else's success scare you away," he continued. "It's better to be inspired than intimidated. If they can do it, so can you!" he advises new streamers to try to find their own brand. "Instead of trying to feel like you're copying someone else, add your own twist and create your own brand," she says... have fun, it's definitely contagious! "

New streamers face many challenges today due to uncertainty and unpredictability. But like any passionate profession, success can be achieved if one works hard and remains committed to their craft. "I sincerely wish all new streamers the best of luck," Miss Creek said. "It's been a really fun ride and I wouldn't trade it for anything else."


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